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Treadmill Sessions

Ideal for dogs that have excess energy to burn. The workout is both physical and mental, and the result is a tired doggy!
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Pet Care

Pets big and small are cared for like our own by a Zoomie pack member while you are away at work or on holidays.

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Pet Taxi

For your pets transport needs to visit the vet or groomer, catch a fly or special occasions.

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About Us

Zoomie Tails

Is a mobile service that comes to your door to exercise your dog by a Zoomie pack member. We are equipped with non-motorised treadmills in our climate-controlled fitness unit.

It’s a new and fun way to walk or run your dog safely and securely, without the problems of dog parks, bad weather, hot pavement, or time constraints.

Boost in Fitness

Our mobile fitness service enhances your dog's exercise program.... Dog walking and running are essential parts in your dog's fitness routine and most dogs benefit from daily aerobic exercise in addition to a daily walk.
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For Every Dog

No matter the age, breed, size, or athletic ability; every dog needs... regular exercise.
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Happy Dogs

Just like humans, dogs experience the effects of dopamine, endorphins... and serotonin after exercise, allowing them to feel a natural high and joy.
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Customized Fitness

Every dog is different which may require a customized exercise... regime. Please consult a veterinarian to help determine how much exercise your dog needs.
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Mental Health

Exercise can decrease anxiety and decreases the likelihood of... your dog engaging in destructive behaviours.
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Physical Health

Regular exercise reduces tummy troubles, improves sleep quality, builds... confidence, and keeps dogs agile and limber.
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Weight Control

Dogs are naturally active and love to move around. Frequent exercise can... help you maintain your dog's weight, prolong their life and prevent health risks.
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Scarborough WA, Australia.
+61 421 373 742
Mon - Fri: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, Sat by appointment

We recognise and respect the traditional Owners and custodians of this Country and their lands, waters and skies on which we operate.

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Scarborough WA, Australia.
+61 421 373 742
Mon - Fri: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm,
Sat by appointment
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